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Artist Statement : my new works are centred around the balances between symmetry and asymmetry , abstract and representationalism, nature and geometry, movement and stasis, light and shadow. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with the paradoxes within contrast.

To begin with, I come up with a painting’s name FIRST. This name inspires me to create it how it wants to be seen. We become our names, so clearly this process is paramount to what anything will become. As a teacher of literature I’m intrigued by the power of words, and this translates into my artwork.


A rebel since birth, I’ve loved the decadence of Art Nouveau because it rejected the “fine art” confines of its time. It was wild and unhinged, improper; it wanted to be a part of high society with the first order of business being to expose a nipple. The concept of upending institutions with untamed beauty and daring is intriguing, especially when the societal conforms can be obliterated by something so innocuous as a curved line (gasp!).

I leg-wrestle these silly conforms daily, and (much to my family’s chagrin) many recipes and street signs go unheeded. But in the end I always end up kind-of conforming, usually by finding a way to still subvert quietly! This tension is evident in my artwork. I use the rounded, rebellious lines of Art Nouveau first, then cut everything up with rigid geometry using a process I call: The Kaleidoscope Machine. You can see the symbology here: me with fluid lines chopping up parts of me to “fit” into a rigid conform. In the end? My art, like me, is ever-toying with contrasts, the positive versus the negative ions.

Isn’t that what we’re all made of?

I stain all of the edges of my works in a beautiful walnut finish which brings out the character in the wood. Framing is unnecessary. I can stain in other colours too like : cedar, natural, oak, teak and ebony. Contact me for inquiries at the bottom of this page.








"To create a piece of art, is to create the world" -Wassily Kandinsky