( 2 0 1 8 - o n g o i n g )

Plants are sexy. Don’t believe me? This series is all about sporohyte shapes. A “calyptra” is an enlarged archegonia venter that is integral so that plants can get it on. Bow chicka wow wow!

Titles: top left “Dulcet” 30”x40” Mattick’s Gallery / top right “Merchant of My Heart” 36”x36” AGGV / middle left “Filigree II” 24”x24” Mattick’s Gallery / middle right “Filigree I” 24”x24” Mattick’s Gallery / lower left “Calyptra II” 24”x24” sold / lower right “Calyptra I” 24”x24” sold

Left: “Aesthete” 48x36” Mattick’s Gallery . Right: “Before We Even Unwrap the Bouquet” 24 x 36” Mattick’s Gallery. Below: “The Lives of Seven Others” 36x36” Mattick’s Gallery.